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A track record of a different approach

At Zuckerman Tutorial Services the difference is clear. We do not simply repeat previous instruction. We strive to bring a deeper level of understanding to our students in a way that is only possible through guided tutoring on an individual or small group basis. Simply teaching students HOW to solve problems is not what we do. We strive to bring students to a deeper level of UNDERSTANDING with the subject, and from that build the skill set for them to succeed in all areas.

Individualized learning and guidence

The ability to work with the students 1-on-1 or in small groups allows for far more individualized approaches than what is possible in a classroom setting. Whether that be through targeted diagnostic assignments or through the unique rapport that develops between students and tutors, we can much more precisely identify strengths and weaknesses with subject matter and problem solving. With this lessons are tailored to specific students needs ensuring maximum results.

A unique advanced mathematics enrichment course

Not all students who could benefit from tutoring are struggling. Some students who excel in math wish to go further and deeper than their school can provide. For those students we offer a unique course. In this course students will be challenged with concepts in mathematics normally reserved for career mathematicians. These topics are presented in easily understandable segments that have little to no mathematics prerequisites. The goal of these courses is to have students better understand fundamentals of mathematics and nature rather than to simply solve ever more complex equations. Students will engage with these topics in a theoretical manner designed to elicit deeper understanding. Topics include: Calculus, Topology, Multi-Dimensional Mathematics, Quantum Statistics, Paradoxes and more.

College entrance exam prep

Give your children the advantage with personalized test prep tutoring. College entrance exams are tough! They are designed to not only test students raw knowledge of mathematics but also of their ability to apply it creatively. School curricula increasingly focus on skill sets for passing state standardized tests often neglecting techniques for real life and other applications. The companies behind entrance exams are aware of this and have begun changing the nature of their exams. The SAT is not the same test it was even five years ago. Through private tutoring students can learn the skills that they are lacking to be able to show their true knowledge on these new generations of exams.

Written feedback every session

Stay informed step by step with your child's progress with written feedback after every session. Great for parents who work late to stay immediatly informed on how their child is doing. Use them as guides for weekly practice on needed topics. Feedback will include key concepts, formulas and equations for easy refernce for homework and test preperations. Click here for examples of real feeback forms and detaild explinations.

Expansion and effectiveness of private tutoring

"In an empirical study the effectiveness of tutoring is evaluated in a prepost-control-group-design... These results indicate that receiving tutoring leads to a larger improvement in school performance and motivational variables."


European Journal of Psychology of Education September 2002

The effectiveness of math tutoring to prevent learning loss over the summer

"Results showed that students who received tutoring improved significantly more over the summer than those who did not. The findings of this study indicate that the summer math program also had a positive impact on students' attitudes towards mathematics. "


Bianco-Sheldon, Danielle L., Ed.D., ARCADIA UNIVERSITY, 2007

Preparing students for college admissions tests

 "Analyses revealed significant effects of time on task and rate of SAT homework completion. Starting preparation earlier in the junior year and distributing tutoring sessions over larger intervals contributed to higher SAT score improvements." 

Assessment in Education: Principles, Policy & Practice July 2015


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