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General Math


Pre-Calculus and Below

$100 per hour

In these 1-on-1 sessions, students are shown the deeper inter-connectivity of these topics so as they can learn more fully how to derive meaning beyond the prescribed definitions from class.    

Advanced Math


AP Classes, Calculus and above

$125 per hour

While schools may emphasize largely repetition and test-taking, real learning comes from a deeper understanding. Go beyond the rinse and repeat methods of high stakes test-oriented classes and learn the "why" not just the "how".

Test Prep


PSAT, SAT Math 1 & 2, ACT etc.

$150 per hour 6 hour minimum

1-on-1 customized sessions for the math portions of the PSAT, SAT Math  1 & 2, ACT as well as others. More than just a review of the mathematics, students will work on test-taking strategies as well as problem-solving techniques geared towards the tests.

Advanced Mathematics Enrichment


All ages

$100 per hour 6 hour minimum

A unique course offering. Students will explore mathematics beyond what is possible in any school. Students will engage with these topics in a theoretical manner designed to elicit deeper understanding. Topics include: Topology, Multi-Dimensional Mathematics, Paradoxes and more. 

Math In Art


All ages

Prices Vary 

Math is one of the most fundamental underpinnings of our world and of how we perceive beauty. Come explore this fascinating relationship in a truly unique course offering. Available in three lengths these courses cover many of the greatest works of art ever produced by human hands. 



All ages

Prices Vary 

Interested in Astronomy? Curious about Dark Matter, Quantum Mechanics, Black Holes, Galaxies, Stars, Nebula and more? Do you have a telescope that you don't know how to use? Learn from a certified teacher with years of experience in astronomy.   

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