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Descriptions and Pricing

•Get your children the customized 1-on-1 help they need. Individualized tutoring sessions with a Certified Teacher that are far more than just homework help. 


•Lessons delve deeper into the heart and meaning of the subjects to promote critical thinking not just memorization. 

•Fun and interactive, these sessions allow students to finally enjoy doing math.


•Never any cookie-cutter approaches. Every session is customized to your child's individual needs and altered as they progress. 


•Done virtually, and easy to schedule, tutoring sessions recurring weekly are available for stress-free scheduling. 


•Straightforward billing, monthly invoicing and electronic payment make for easy record keeping.


A strong foundation in Mathematics is key to success. The formative years are not only when students learn fundamental skills but also when they learn how to think and process information critically. It is also the time when students are most likely to form misconceptions that often won't become evident until later in their math career. For these and other reasons, it is important for young students, even those getting good grades, to have supplemental support at home.   


$65 per hour

Higher-level math is a whirlwind of ever-changing subjects and topics. Students progress from Algebra to Geometry only to go back to Algebra. Pre-Calculus is a jumble of seemingly disconnected topics scattered about randomly in a textbook. In these 1-on-1 sessions, students are shown the deeper inter-connectivity of these topics so as they can learn more fully how to derive meaning beyond the prescribed definitions from class.    

$85 per hour

For those difficult and high-pressure courses a different approach is needed.  While schools may emphasize largely repetition and test-taking real learning comes from a deeper understanding. Go beyond the rinse and repeat methods of high stakes test-oriented classes and learn the true meanings and underpinnings not only for better comprehension and execution but also for a greater appreciation of the beauty elegance and application of advanced mathematics. 

$100 per hour

PSAT, SAT Math 1 & 2, ACT and MORE!

1-on-1 customized sessions for the mathematics portions of the PSAT, SAT Math  1 & 2, ACT as well as others. More than just a review of the mathematics, students will work on test-taking strategies as well as problem-solving techniques geared towards the tests.  6 Hour minimum.


$125 per hour 

All Ages

A unique course offering. Students will explore mathematics in a bold new way. Students will NOT simply solve problems. Students will engage with these topics in a theoretical manner designed to elicit deeper understanding. Topics include: Calculus, Topology, Multi-Dimensional Mathematics, Quantum Statistics, Paradoxes and more. 


$50 per hour 

Have you ever wondered how the master artists of the past managed to create such brilliant works of art? There are many answers to this question but one that is often overlooked in the mathematics of their work. Math is one of the most fundamental underpinnings of our world and of how we perceive beauty. Come explore this fascinating relationship in a truly unique course offering. Available in three lengths these courses cover many of the greatest works of art ever produced by human hands. 


$300 for 6 weeks

$500 for 12 weeks

$600 for 15 weeks 

Interested in taking better photographs? Learn how to take your camera out of automatic mode and create the artistic photographs you are looking for. Learn how to use Lightroom. The same software the professionals use to edit their photos. 1-on-1 lessons grantee individual attention and tailored instruction.  


$50 per hour 

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