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Expansion and effectiveness of private tutoring

"In an empirical study the effectiveness of tutoring is evaluated in a prepost-control-group-design... These results indicate that receiving tutoring leads to a larger improvement in school performance and motivational variables."


European Journal of Psychology of Education September 2002

The effectiveness of math tutoring to prevent learning loss over the summer

"Results showed that students who received tutoring improved significantly more over the summer than those who did not. The findings of this study indicate that the summer math program also had a positive impact on students' attitudes towards mathematics. "


Bianco-Sheldon, Danielle L., Ed.D., ARCADIA UNIVERSITY, 2007

Preparing students for college admissions tests

 "Analyses revealed significant effects of time on task and rate of SAT homework completion. Starting preparation earlier in the junior year and distributing tutoring sessions over larger intervals contributed to higher SAT score improvements." 

Assessment in Education: Principles, Policy & Practice July 2015


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